Lawsuit Funding Ensures Your Life Goes on Despite the Long Court Case

You might have a straight forward case and an optimistic lawyer but it could take months and even years to finally settle and get your compensation. Meanwhile, there are mounting medical bills, car payments, utilities, groceries, mortgage and more expenses requiring your attention. Worse still, you may have been rendered incapable of working since the accident and have no money coming in. The bill collector doesn’t care that you are still waiting for your settlement; the bills need to be p... Read More

New Orleans Woman Files a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit against Her Dentist

A New Orleans woman is seeking an undisclosed amount in damages in a medical malpractice lawsuit filed against her dentist. According to the case details, the woman walked in to a dental office for root end surgery (known as apicoectomy in medical circles) and alleges that the dentist interfered with her nasal cavity during the procedure. She claims to experience serious physical pain and financial strain as a direct result of the surgery. The woman in this case may get her due compensatio... Read More

New Orleans Woman Files Lawsuit against Orthopedic Manufacturer for Defective Hip Implant

Lawsuits targeting orthopedic manufacturers are on the rise mostly siting defective devices. Hip replacements are one of the most common corrective surgeries and unfortunately, not all procedures go as planned. Defective hip implants can cause severe inflammation, swelling, pain, damage and infection among other problems. Patients often have to undergo revision surgery to remove the implant and possibly repair the damage as is the case in the following example. A New Orleans woman filed a law... Read More

Construction Worker Receives $2.7 Million Settlement Four Years after Construction Site Accident

A California construction worker recently won his settlement in a four-year long court battle against a scaffolding manufacturer. The 35-year-old received $2.7 million for a construction site accident involving defective scaffolding. He fell 20 feet after the scaffolding broke. The man lost consciousness after the fall and was initially diagnosed with two broken ankles and a broken jaw. Further examination revealed that he suffered brain trauma which resulted personality changes including fit... Read More

Family of Diseased Woman Claims Negligence and Files Suit against Healthcare Facility

A healthcare facility is often a last result for family members who are no longer able to care for a chronically ill or disabled loved one at home. Unfortunately, incidents of negligent care, inadequately trained staff and understaffing are not uncommon. If you feel that the death of a loved one in a healthcare facility is a result of negligence or might have been prevented, you are entitled to filing a suit and claiming compensation. The family of a woman checking in to a West Virginia healt... Read More

Couple in Critical Condition after Church Boiler Explodes

An Idaho couple performing volunteer maintenance in a church is in critical condition when the boiler they were working on exploded. The woman remains in critical condition. Police reports indicate that the blast may have been caused by an accumulation of natural gas in the equipment although investigations are ongoing. First responders arrived to find the man in dire condition in a hallway adjacent to the boiler. The impact of the blast had hurled the man out of the boiler room. The woman... Read More

Wisconsin Driver Runs over a Pedestrian-Blames Hot Coffee

A woman walking in the roadway outside of a crosswalk in Kenosha, Wisconsin was recently run over by a distracted driver. The driver blamed spilling hot coffee on his lap as the cause of the accident. The woman was rushed to hospital and doctors expect that she will make a full recovery. Police continue to investigate the accident and the driver received a citation for inattentive driving. This accident serves as a reminder that distracted driving is a leading cause of auto accidents. It also... Read More

Husbands Death Causes Widow to File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A man working in a factory to clean machinery died because of equipment that is not safe and lack of proper training as claimed by a widow. The death occurred in June 2015 as the man was working in the factory. It is said that the man climbed into the machine to start cleaning and this was between two big steel molds. There was also another employee inside who turned the machine without the knowledge that the man was climbing. The man was crushed to death when the molds came together. The man... Read More

Driver with Impairment Runs Light Killing an Elderly woman

A woman who was making a left turn was killed by a driver in North Carolina after the driver who was under the influence of alcohol struck her car. The aged woman died on the scene, but a passenger who was a child was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and released after becoming stable. The man who caused the crash was not injured. The driver was arrested and charged with driving being impaired and causing felony. Apart from just criminal charges, the driver who was drunk may face civi... Read More

Washington Midwife faces two Separate Malpractice Lawsuits for Alleged Negligence

A medical negligence or medical malpractice claim is a case brought against a medical professional for suspected negligence, mistakes or errors resulting in serious injury or death. A medical malpractice attorney can review your case and assess whether there is a basis for a legal claim to be filed against the practitioner. A Washington midwife is facing two separate lawsuits from couples alleging medical malpractice. In the first case, the midwife is accused of using excessive traction du... Read More