Defective Guardrail Blamed for Fatality in Car Crash

A guardrail may not prevent a car crash but it can minimize the damage or impact of the crash. Guardrails are built to stringent standards and specifications to act as adequate barriers between the side of roads and lanes. There have been a notable number of lawsuits involving auto accidents and defective guardrails in recent years. A man in Overland Park, Kansas was killed in an auto accident when his truck veered off the road, hitting the guardrail which sliced through the vehicle. Prelimin... Read More

U.S. Government Brought to Court for Wrongful Death Lawsuit. Plaintiff Demands $5 Million Settlement

Both privately and federally funded hospitals and healthcare facilities are held to a certain standard of care. It is possible to file a claim against the government for a federally funded hospital although the threshold is much higher than usual. A good medical malpractice attorney can help you get due restitution if you suspect a federally funded healthcare facility of malpractice as is the case in this story. A woman in September 2013 went to the emergency room with a lump in her breast an... Read More

Carbon Monoxide First Suspect in Hotel Pool Leaving One Dead And Multiple Others Unconscious

Prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide can lead to serious or permanent health problems and possible death. You may be able to get compensation for medical expenses or other damages resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning due to another's negligence. A suspected carbon monoxide poisoning at a hotel's indoor pool left one boy dead and multiple others unconscious in southern Michigan. The diseased was a 13-year old boy. Police report claim that hotel staff noticed bodies around the ind... Read More

During Holiday Shopping Slip and Fall Accidents Increase

It is during the busy holiday season when people are doing shopping that many slip and fall accidents occur. These accidents happen because of conditions that are hazardous in shopping areas, but they are neglected as people do not think that they poorly maintained surfaces might lead to accidents and injuries. These slip and fall accidents are rampant because retailers leave substances that are slippery on the flow and fail to put signage. Other conditions that may be dangerous and can cause ac... Read More

Lawsuit Funding Helps Victims and Families of Auto Accident Deaths Claim Compensation

Accidents involving trucks and automobiles almost always result in serious injury and even death largely because of the significant weight differential between the two vehicles. Investigations by the Ohio Highway Patrol are still ongoing in an auto-truck accident involving a freightliner tractor-trailer and a 2000 Ford Taurus in which a child was killed. According to preliminary reports, the driver of the Ford Taurus slowed down and stopped at a traffic light before being rear-ended by the fr... Read More

Scottsdale Couple Give Notice for Civil Personal Injury Lawsuit against Alleged Negligent Driver

Many victims who file claims after an auto accident don’t have to go through lengthy trials to receive compensation. Others aren’t so lucky and going to court remains as the only option to reach a settlement. A couple in Scottsdale, Arizona was driving to church with their two your children when the 2011 Hyundai Elantra they were driving in was struck by a pickup-truck. The incident happened on Mother's Day 2016. According to the state police report, the pick-up driver was ... Read More

State Farm under Fire in Lawsuit Alleging Firm's Refusal to Compensate Auto Accident Victims

Motorists pay their insurance premium with the hope that they will be sufficiently covered in the event of an auto accident. Although many insurance firms are happy to give their clients due compensation, not all are willing to honor their commitments as it emerges in this Florida case. A woman filed an auto accident lawsuit against a driver and the insurance company State Farm. The plaintiff alleges negligence both case. The accident occurred in October 18, 2016 where the driver of anothe... Read More

The Thin Line between Freak Accidents and Negligence

A man working on a U.S. Capitol building property on April 18 died in what has been termed as a freak accident. The man was laying irrigation pipes when a large branch from an American elm tree fell, striking the man and immediately killing him. The errant branch broke free at the tree trunk with the section nearest to the sidewalk measuring four foot in diameter. The branch is reported to have been up to 40 feet long. The victim was rushed to hospital unconscious where he was later pronou... Read More

Lawsuit Funding a Lifeline for Auto-Pedestrian Accident Victims Seeking Legal Recourse

A 64-year old New Yorker met a tragic end as a result of a fatal auto-collision on an interstate 84 off-ramp. Although state police investigations into the accident are ongoing, preliminary investigations show that the man was struck by another motorist. The victim's car, a 2014 Ford Fusion had pulled over on the right-hand shoulder along a sharp curve. The victim proceeded to exit the vehicle before an 18-year-old driver in a 2008 Subaru Impreza struck the rear of the victim's car. T... Read More

Six Year Long Lawsuit Ends in Pedestrian Awarded $5M in Damages

A Manhattan man has been awarded $5 million in damages after a six year long court case against Access-A-Ride. The defendant in this case, Access-A-Ride is a program under the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA which offers transportation to disabled persons who cannot use public transportation. The plaintiff was struck by the vehicle at a crosswalk which resulted in traumatic brain injury. The victim also suffered serious psychological issues as a result of the accident rendering him una... Read More