Drunk Driver with Multiple Prior Violations Killed Along with Three Others in Car Crash

A three-vehicle crash claimed the lives of four people and critically wounding another in Des Plaines, Illinois. According to police reports, the driver of a Mercedes rammed into a Chevy Impala as it was pulling into a parking lot. The Impala spun 200 feet slamming into another vehicle, a Toyota Highlander. All the occupants of the Impala were killed including a couple and their 20-year-old daughter. The driver of the Mercedes also died in the accident while his passenger suffered traumatic b... Read More

Trip Turns Tragic as One Teen Dies and Five Others Injured in Auto Accident

The California Highway Patrol is investigating an accident that resulted in the death of an 18 year old and injured 5 of his friends including one with serious spinal injuries. Although the cause of the accident was not immediately clear, the pickup truck the classmates were riding in plunged off a 150 foot embankment rolling several times in the horrific incident. This auto accident brings to sharp focus the ever present risk facing novice and especially teen drivers who are more prone to di... Read More

Plaintiff Awarded $8 Million in DUI Jury Case

A jury in a case involving a drunk driving crash has awarded the plaintiff $8 Million. The accident occurred in Daytona Beach. According to case details, the plaintiff, a woman, was driving home when a drunk driver rammed into the rear of her vehicle causing her multiple serious injuries. According to the defendant's passenger, the driver was visibly "wasted" and might have been driving at least 100 mph at the time of the accident. A blood test done shortly after the accident re... Read More

A Simple Guide to Fast Accident Loans

It is a common occurrence yet a very painful one. After a bread winner is involved in an accident, many families end up in financial ruin. Immediately after an accident, there are so many expenses to deal with and if you file a claim, you will still have to wait for some time before the settlement.   Your bills will continue piling and this can totally disrupt your family’s normal life. This is where accident loans come in handy.  If you or a loved one has been involved in a... Read More

What is Your Pain And Suffering Really Worth?

Those who have been injured in an accident and filed a personal injury lawsuit can attest to the challenges they face with their pursuit of receiving fair compensation for their injuries. The actual physical injury, treatment and recuperation are often just the tip of the iceberg. There is the emotional trauma and the mental stress imposed on the other areas of life; relationship challenges, work-related problems, and the corresponding financial shortfalls. No one plans for these setbacks and mo... Read More