Victims of New Jersey Intersection Accident May be Eligible for Litigation Funding

If you or someone you know has filed a lawsuit in the aftermath of an intersection auto accident, you may be eligible for lawsuit funding. This funding helps to settle mounting financial obligations and bills while you pursue your rightful compensation. Two motorists where injured including one in critical condition after an auto accident at a Route 1 North Brunswick, New Jersey intersection. According to police reports, a box truck failed to slow down and stop at the intersection, ramming... Read More

Advance Funding for Lawsuits: Financial Reprove When You need it

The immediate impact of an accident is what many people are worried about. What you might not know is that the after-effects are even more devastating. Whatever the type of accident, you will most likely be left with a hefty medical bill. If you file a lawsuit to recover damages, your attorney will tell you that the process will take time. In personal injury lawsuits for instance, it might take even 3 years before the settlement of your case. In the meantime, life has to go on and you have to pa... Read More