Man Watching Porn Allegedly Caused A Crash That Killed One Man

If you have been a reader of blogs and social media pages, you know that drivers are always reminded to avoid driving while being continuously distracted. Drivers may be distracted doing things such as texting with their cellphone while driving. There was an accident caused by a fifty-eight-year-old man after losing control of his vehicle hence causing the car to roll. The impact was high, and the man was ejected from the vehicle. According to the police, the man was not wearing seatbelts, an... Read More

Lawsuit Funding Helps Victims and Families of Auto Accident Deaths Claim Compensation

Accidents involving trucks and automobiles almost always result in serious injury and even death largely because of the significant weight differential between the two vehicles. Investigations by the Ohio Highway Patrol are still ongoing in an auto-truck accident involving a freightliner tractor-trailer and a 2000 Ford Taurus in which a child was killed. According to preliminary reports, the driver of the Ford Taurus slowed down and stopped at a traffic light before being rear-ended by the fr... Read More

Lawsuit Funding a Lifeline for Auto-Pedestrian Accident Victims Seeking Legal Recourse

A 64-year old New Yorker met a tragic end as a result of a fatal auto-collision on an interstate 84 off-ramp. Although state police investigations into the accident are ongoing, preliminary investigations show that the man was struck by another motorist. The victim's car, a 2014 Ford Fusion had pulled over on the right-hand shoulder along a sharp curve. The victim proceeded to exit the vehicle before an 18-year-old driver in a 2008 Subaru Impreza struck the rear of the victim's car. T... Read More

Drug Related Auto Accident Results in Brain Damage for Toddler

A man suspected of driving under the influence of prescription drugs collided head-on into a vehicle carrying a mother and her two children. The occupants of both vehicles sustained serious injuries including a two-year-old who suffered permanent brain damage and cardiac arrest. The mother sustained leg, foot and neck fractures. The third occupant of the vehicle, a three-year-old girl, sustained a broken collar bone. The offending driver also wasn't spared and as he too was rushed to hospita... Read More

Fiery Multiple-Car Highway Accident Leaves one Dead and Several Others Injured

A fiery 1-10 crash left one man dead and multiple people nursing minor to moderate injuries in a horrific multiple-car accident. According to a Louisiana State Police report, a Freightliner 18-wheeler failed to slow down while approaching congested traffic in in the 5:30 pm incident. The truck rammed into the back of a 2006 GMC Sierra which was thrown off the road. The semi continued out of control to smash into yet another vehicle, a 2004 Chevy Impala whose driver was identified as the decea... Read More

NYC Hit-And Run Tractor Trailer Crash Leaves One Dead

Prosecutors continue to compile evidence in a fatal auto accident involving a tractor-trailer and a Toyota sedan. The driver of the sedan was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The two passengers, both women, were treated for serious injuries but are in stable condition. According to case details, the truck driver rammed in to the back of the Toyota sedan on the morning of March 27 on the Cross Bronx Expressway. The truck driver fled the scene of the accident and was later arrested... Read More

Types of Accident Covered by Auto Accident Cash Advance

When you are involved in an auto accident, your safety is always the most immediate concern. If you are injured, you will seek medical attention and it is only after this that the full implications of the accidents start unraveling.  An accident might appear to be minor but it can have devastating implications in your life. If you find a lawyer and file a lawsuit, settlement will take some time and in the meantime, you have to sort out bills, rent and other expenses.  If you are strugg... Read More