State Farm under Fire in Lawsuit Alleging Firm's Refusal to Compensate Auto Accident Victims

Motorists pay their insurance premium with the hope that they will be sufficiently covered in the event of an auto accident. Although many insurance firms are happy to give their clients due compensation, not all are willing to honor their commitments as it emerges in this Florida case. A woman filed an auto accident lawsuit against a driver and the insurance company State Farm. The plaintiff alleges negligence both case. The accident occurred in October 18, 2016 where the driver of anothe... Read More

Looking for Auto Accident Loans? Here is How to Ge the Best Out of the Funding

If you have suffered injuries or you have gone some other form of other suffering after an accident, it is within your right to fight for damages. Many are the families that have been brought down to their knees after the breadwinner or another member of the family is involved in an accident. If you file a lawsuit in order to recover damages, you will have to await the infamously slow wheels of justice to turn. In the meantime, your family has to grapple with medical expenses and other bills.... Read More