Lawsuit Brought Against Local Restaurant After Patron Causes Fatal Accident

A 24-year old woman is facing 12 years in prison after running over a pedestrian and killing him on Interstate 299. According to police reports, the young woman left a local bar and restaurant where she had been drinking alcohol. A 21-year-old hiker was walking along the shoulder when the Ford Fusion struck the concrete barrier, throwing the hiker over the wall. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene while the woman fled the scene of the accident on foot. She was later found walking and ... Read More

Is It Advisable to Borrow Against a Lawsuit? Here is What You Need to Know

Many people file a lawsuit to recover damages in the hope that the compensation they get will help them and their families. If you have suffered injuries in an accident for instance, it is within your rights to file a claim in order to recover damages for medical costs, pain and suffering, loss of wages and much more. The same situation applies if your file compensatory damages in an employment discrimination case and many others. Even when you case is strong, you should be prepared for a lon... Read More