Defective Guardrail Blamed for Fatality in Car Crash

A guardrail may not prevent a car crash but it can minimize the damage or impact of the crash. Guardrails are built to stringent standards and specifications to act as adequate barriers between the side of roads and lanes. There have been a notable number of lawsuits involving auto accidents and defective guardrails in recent years. A man in Overland Park, Kansas was killed in an auto accident when his truck veered off the road, hitting the guardrail which sliced through the vehicle. Prelimin... Read More

Scottsdale Couple Give Notice for Civil Personal Injury Lawsuit against Alleged Negligent Driver

Many victims who file claims after an auto accident don’t have to go through lengthy trials to receive compensation. Others aren’t so lucky and going to court remains as the only option to reach a settlement. A couple in Scottsdale, Arizona was driving to church with their two your children when the 2011 Hyundai Elantra they were driving in was struck by a pickup-truck. The incident happened on Mother's Day 2016. According to the state police report, the pick-up driver was ... Read More

Drunk Driving Accidents Continue to Claim Innocent Lives

A man in Virginia Beach was sentenced to 6 years in prison for drunk driving in a DUI crash that cost the life of a 23-year-old-woman. According to a police report, the young woman was in a Dodge Caravan with three other occupants. The minivan was stopped at a traffic light when the defendant, in a Toyota RAV4 rear-ended the van. This caused the Dodge to ram into a third vehicle. The young woman died shortly after arriving at a nearby hospital while her companions were all treated for minor i... Read More

Safeguarding Your Rights Are Protected After a Car Accident

Most of us sometime in our lives will be involved in a car accident.  If you didn’t cause the accident, but instead were hit by someone else, you deserve to be compensated for the property damages to your vehicle as well as any injuries you may have suffered as a results of the motor vehicle collision.  Regardless whether the accident was a small fender-bender, or a more serious collision, those involved can be shaken up to the point where they’re not thinking clearly about... Read More