Driver Killed and Another Critically Injured in Suspected Negligence Auto Crash

Families of auto crash victims where negligence is suspected to play a role are often left reeling in grief trying to understand why another person's negligence should cost them their dear one. These unfortunate incidents are fairly common as demonstrated in the following case. According to Minnesota state highway patrol records, a man was driving southbound on the highway when he encountered a woman driving the wrong way. The errant woman collided into the victim's Ford Fusion tossin... Read More

West Virginia Woman Files Lawsuit against Motor Carrier Following Husband's Fatal Accident

Fatigue is one of the under-reported causes of fatal accidents. A tired or fatigued driver may fail to react in time or fail to react at all. These accidents are even worse where a tractor trailer and passenger vehicle are involved largely because of the size and weight difference. A lawsuit may be filed against a trucking company whose driver causes an accident as a result of working beyond the regulated hours. A woman in West Virginia has filed a lawsuit against a truck driver and the motor... Read More

Why You Should Consider Car Accident Loans

An auto accident happens in a flash but the consequences are felt for the rest of your life. In fact, the effects of a single accident can influence the lives of many people some of whom were not even at the accident scene. An auto accident results into severe injuries, pain and suffering and in many case loss of wages. It is advisable to file a lawsuit in order to recover compensatory damages. As your case proceeds, you will have to sort out bills and this is not easy.  There are medical b... Read More