Six Year Long Lawsuit Ends in Pedestrian Awarded $5M in Damages

A Manhattan man has been awarded $5 million in damages after a six year long court case against Access-A-Ride. The defendant in this case, Access-A-Ride is a program under the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA which offers transportation to disabled persons who cannot use public transportation. The plaintiff was struck by the vehicle at a crosswalk which resulted in traumatic brain injury. The victim also suffered serious psychological issues as a result of the accident rendering him una... Read More

How Long Will My Case Take? Some Considerations

If you have filed a case in court and you have just searched ‘how long will my case take’ you are not alone. Most plaintiffs are anxious after filing a case because they want to get done with it and move on with life. In cases where there is recovery of damages, it is understandable that you are apprehensive about the conclusion of your case in order to get some financial reprieve. If you have filed a personal injury case for instance, the settlement will go a long way in helping pay... Read More