Small Hospital Defending Fourth Medical Malpractice Case in Two Years

A medical malpractice lawsuit isn’t just for when a medical practitioner causes injury or death due to negligence. You can also file a lawsuit if the medical practitioner or facility fails to provide the adequate standard of care. The family of a 50-year old man is filing a medical malpractice case against a surgeon who operated on a victim despite concerns about the diseased weight. According to court details, the man walked into the small hospital complaining of food lodged in his thr... Read More

How Much is My Lawsuit Worth? Here is What Affects Your Multiplier

How much is my lawsuit worth? This is the first question you ask when you contact your lawyer. In fact, it is one of the most commonly typed questions on search engines in the legal niche. Truth be told, filing a lawsuit is the last thing you might have in mind but it is also within your right. in most cases, you are forced by the situation to seek justice in the courts. Take for instance if you suffer an injury in an auto accident.  The insurance company will try all means to get you to... Read More