Lawsuit Funding Ensures Your Life Goes on Despite the Long Court Case

You might have a straight forward case and an optimistic lawyer but it could take months and even years to finally settle and get your compensation. Meanwhile, there are mounting medical bills, car payments, utilities, groceries, mortgage and more expenses requiring your attention. Worse still, you may have been rendered incapable of working since the accident and have no money coming in. The bill collector doesn’t care that you are still waiting for your settlement; the bills need to be p... Read More

Family of Nursing Home Resident File Lawsuit against Facility Claiming Mistreatment

Many people place a loved one in a nursing home trusting that the facility will provide quality care. Cases of abuse and negligence are however common and are largely attributed to negligent nursing staff, under-trained staff and overworked nurses. Whatever the case, you can file a lawsuit against a nursing home and seek compensation if you suspect that a loved one placed under their care has been neglected or abused. The family of an 85-year-old Virginia woman has filed a lawsuit against the... Read More

What You Need to Know About the Money for Lawsuits

If you are in the process of litigation and need money, you may quality for a lawsuit loan. A lawsuit loan is an advance that is given to the plaintiff or litigant against a future settlement. The lawsuit is paid when the amount is awarded to the plaintiff. There are many terms that have been used for the advances that are given to plaintiffs but they are simply money for lawsuits. When you borrow this money, you are able to deal with the financial difficulties that you are facing. Lawsuit finan... Read More

How to Get Back on your Feet with Lawsuit Cash

Do you have a pending lawsuit in court? Are you expecting compensatory damages at its conclusion? Do you have an attorney representing you? If you have answered in the affirmative, you are not alone. Due to easier access to information today, many people are fighting for their rights through the court system. Whether you have suffered an injury or you feel your employer has discriminated against you, it is within your right to file a case and recover damages. As your case goes through the sys... Read More