Johnson & Johnson Embroiled in Product Liability Lawsuit for Alleged Defective Physiomesh

Johnson & Johnson along with its subsidiary Ethicon are involved in a product liability lawsuit brought by a Florida woman claiming defective Physiomesh. Case details reveal that the plaintiff underwent a standard laparoscopy hernia repair in 2010. She was implanted with a Physiomesh which allegedly failed causing adverse health problems. She underwent a second surgery to remove the device and at least two more to repair the hernia complications allegedly caused by the defective implant. ... Read More

Woman Files Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Claims Doctor Failed to Accurately Diagnose and Treat Son's Tumor

A woman filed a medical malpractice lawsuit on behalf of her son seeking an unspecified amount in punitive and compensatory damages. She is seeking a jury trial for the case.  According to case details, the woman took her child to a medical facility on January 2016 where he was diagnosed with a large cystic neoplasm. A surgery to remove the tumor was halted after the boy suffered extensive bleeding prompting his transfer to a different hospital. It was at the second facility, a childr... Read More

Is Financing for Lawsuits Right for You? Here Are Some Considerations

When you file a claim for compensatory damages, you have to be ready for a long drawn process. Most lawsuits take more than one year and in the meantime, your family might struggle to meet its financial obligations.  Making a decision to go to court is not easy and most likely you have tried all the other options to get compensation without success.  If you have pending litigation waiting to be resolved, you still have to pay bills and this is where financing for lawsuits come in ... Read More

Important Facts on Litigation Finance for Plaintiffs

The moment you are faced with a situation where you must go through a lawsuit, it is essential to consider your financial position. If you are in a strong financial position, you might go through the process of litigation without any financial pressures. However, if you are not in a strong financial position, you should consider litigation finance and might have to apply for lawsuit funding. Before getting such financing, it is essential to understand how litigation funding works. Understandi... Read More