Driver with Impairment Runs Light Killing an Elderly woman

A woman who was making a left turn was killed by a driver in North Carolina after the driver who was under the influence of alcohol struck her car. The aged woman died on the scene, but a passenger who was a child was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and released after becoming stable. The man who caused the crash was not injured. The driver was arrested and charged with driving being impaired and causing felony. Apart from just criminal charges, the driver who was drunk may face civi... Read More

Woman Faces Permanent Urinary Incontinence after Botched Hysterectomy

A woman in 2012 successfully waged a medical malpractice lawsuit against a surgeon she accused of negligence. The woman had a history of multiple sclerosis and had to undergo a standard hysterectomy. She later claimed that negligence resulted in a damaged ureter and permanent incontinence. She had to undergo another surgery to implant an artificial ureter whose batteries have to be replaced every four years in a surgical procedure.   The defense vehemently denied the claims and attrib... Read More

The Thin Line between Freak Accidents and Negligence

A man working on a U.S. Capitol building property on April 18 died in what has been termed as a freak accident. The man was laying irrigation pipes when a large branch from an American elm tree fell, striking the man and immediately killing him. The errant branch broke free at the tree trunk with the section nearest to the sidewalk measuring four foot in diameter. The branch is reported to have been up to 40 feet long. The victim was rushed to hospital unconscious where he was later pronou... Read More

Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Louisiana Clinic for Relative's Death

The family of a diseased who strongly feels that the relative's death is a result of negligence may file a medical malpractice lawsuit. These cases often take years to settle and can take a huge financial toll on the plaintiff. Litigation funding may help to offset medical bills and cushion against loss of income to see the case through to a fair conclusion however long that might take. Lawsuit Funder is one of the few financing companies that provide capped lawsuit loans to ensure you are s... Read More

Lawsuit Funding Protects Victims from Pressure to Settle Claims Prematurely

Auto accidents involving tractor trailers and passenger vehicles are some of the worst because of the size and weight different. These accidents often end in serious injury and even death. Commercial trucking company has the resources to hire the best attorneys and claims adjusters to settle for as little as possible in case the victim files a claim. The attorneys prolong the case deliberately to weaken the plaintiff into a lesser negotiating position. Litigation funding may be the only lifeline... Read More

Why Litigation Funding is an Option to Consider

When you get involved in a lawsuit, you will realize that the entire process can be quite exhausting and financially draining. The legal fees attached to the case will come at a premium. Most plaintiffs will choose to settle a lawsuit out of court because they need money for their living expenses. This might mean that they get a lesser amount than they deserve because they are afraid they might run out of finances. This is a good reason why it might be prudent to consider getting financial suppo... Read More