Lawsuit Funder Helps Plaintiffs Wait Out Long Settlement Cases

A three-vehicle crash has claimed the lives of two victims and another seriously injured in Wythe County, Virginia. According to police records, a Honda Insight traveling south bound on 1-81 veered off the median, crossing over to oncoming traffic, striking a Honda Civic head-on. The Civic spun out of control before another pickup truck rammed into the vehicle. Virginia State Police claim that the driver of the Honda Insight wasn't wearing a seatbelt and was ejected out of the vehicle ... Read More

How Loans for People with Settlements Work

Most civil cases will go on for months or even years. The plaintiff will always have bills to take care of and living expenses such as rent, medical expenses or other expenses to take care of. This is a good reason why loans for people with settlements can help plaintiffs remain financially sound until their case has been determined. This is especially important when you find that you no longer have an income that can take care of your daily outlays especially due to injury. How Settlement Lo... Read More