Carbon Monoxide First Suspect in Hotel Pool Leaving One Dead And Multiple Others Unconscious

Prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide can lead to serious or permanent health problems and possible death. You may be able to get compensation for medical expenses or other damages resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning due to another's negligence. A suspected carbon monoxide poisoning at a hotel's indoor pool left one boy dead and multiple others unconscious in southern Michigan. The diseased was a 13-year old boy. Police report claim that hotel staff noticed bodies around the ind... Read More

During Holiday Shopping Slip and Fall Accidents Increase

It is during the busy holiday season when people are doing shopping that many slip and fall accidents occur. These accidents happen because of conditions that are hazardous in shopping areas, but they are neglected as people do not think that they poorly maintained surfaces might lead to accidents and injuries. These slip and fall accidents are rampant because retailers leave substances that are slippery on the flow and fail to put signage. Other conditions that may be dangerous and can cause ac... Read More

Loans on Pending Lawsuits for Wrongful Termination

Anyone that believes that they have been wrongfully terminated should seek legal redress loans on pending. Lawsuits for wrongful terminations are available to any plaintiff that is involved in litigation for wrongful termination. Wrongful terminations occur when an employer fires an employee for reasons that do not have any basis on the law. Wrongful termination can also occur if the employee has been sacked and his or her sacking has violated the principles and policies of a company. With the n... Read More