A Quick Guide to Pre Settlement Funding

Filing a claim in court is not only an emotionally draining process but also one that will also affect you financially. Take for instance if you have filed a personal injury claim. In such a case, you will have to wait for determination of the case and in the interim there are so many bills to pay. Many families have been devastated when awaiting the verdict, judgement settlement of the agreement. A pre settlement funding comes in handy in such a case as it provides the much needed financial rep... Read More

What Is Pre-Settlement Funding?

Have you been injured in an accident or suffered medical malpractice? Have you hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit against a medical organization or insurance company? If that is the case, pre-settlement funding, sometimes called lawsuit loans, might be an option for you. What is pre-settlement funding? Pre-settlement funding companies help individuals who want to receive payment from civil litigation prior to the completion of a case. The money can be used to pay off medical expenses, mort... Read More