Construction Worker Receives $2.7 Million Settlement Four Years after Construction Site Accident

A California construction worker recently won his settlement in a four-year long court battle against a scaffolding manufacturer. The 35-year-old received $2.7 million for a construction site accident involving defective scaffolding. He fell 20 feet after the scaffolding broke. The man lost consciousness after the fall and was initially diagnosed with two broken ankles and a broken jaw. Further examination revealed that he suffered brain trauma which resulted personality changes including fit... Read More

How to Use Pre Settlement Loans for Financial Reprieve

If there is one thing every individual dreads, it is having to file a civil case in court. Of course this is the only way to get justice but then again many are the families that have suffered for years awaiting their claims to be settled. At a glance you might think yours is water-tight case especially when filing for damages against corporations but you will be surprised by how convoluted the legal system is. As your claim drags in the court system, your bills will pile up and in case no so... Read More

Pre Settlement Lawsuit Loans and Pre Settlement Funding, What is the Difference?

If you seek pre-settlement financing, you should realize that there are a variety of options. You need to select the one that is most appropriate for you. Generally, lawsuit financing is divided into two categories – lawsuit loans and pre-settlement funding. Each is different. A lawsuit settlement loan is money you receive from a settlement loan company. Like the title says, it’s a loan. You receive a loan based on the expected outcome of the lawsuit. You’re required to pay the... Read More