Couple Files Lawsuit against Hospital Claiming Negligence in Stroke Diagnosis

A couple has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a hospital and two of its doctors for allegedly failing to timely and properly diagnose a stroke. The couple is suing for an undisclosed amount. Case details reveal that the woman walked into the ER complaining of syncope (fainting), slurred speech and weakness in her right arm and leg. She also reported a history of stroke in her family. She was accompanied by her husband at the time. The lawsuit further claims that the attending ph... Read More

5 Claims That Can Be Funded by a Settlement Loan

The decision to file a lawsuit is never easy. When fighting for damages, your attorney will advise you about the long winded nature of the case in order to prepare you for the long haul. Once you have made the decision there is no going back and your perseverance will most likely be awarded with a huge settlement. Well, in the mean time you have to pay your bills and if you have been injured or you are out of work, this situation can be tough to bear.  Many families are suffering as thei... Read More