New Orleans Woman Files Lawsuit against Orthopedic Manufacturer for Defective Hip Implant

Lawsuits targeting orthopedic manufacturers are on the rise mostly siting defective devices. Hip replacements are one of the most common corrective surgeries and unfortunately, not all procedures go as planned. Defective hip implants can cause severe inflammation, swelling, pain, damage and infection among other problems. Patients often have to undergo revision surgery to remove the implant and possibly repair the damage as is the case in the following example. A New Orleans woman filed a law... Read More

What is My Personal Injury Case Worth? How to Work it Out

Are you considering a personal injury case? Making this decision is not easy and even with legal assistance you have to be prepared to get fully immersed into the legal process. For most people the first question they ask the lawyer is inevitably ‘what is my personal injury case worth? Of course this is not a straightforward answer and any honest attorney will tell you so. Well, to answer this question you have to get down to the basics. In filing a claim, you are basically seeking damages... Read More