Medical Funding Program

Medical Funding Program

Our Medical Funding program pays healthcare providers directly for the medical bills of personal injury patients whether the patient has health insurance or not. In addition to improving cash flow, Lawsuit Funder handles all of the headaches associated with medical liens and allows healthcare providers to focus on what they do best – care for patients.

Lawsuit Funder’s Medical Funding program helps healthcare providers in several ways:

Serve Larger Patient Bases
Providers can now take patients whom they may have previously not served – those without health insurance or who can’t pay their high deductibles.

Simplify Operations
Providers no longer have to hold liens or have their staff work on acquiring Letters of Protection or case updates to get payment for their services.

Improve Cash Flows
With Lawsuit Funder, providers get paid cash direct from Lawsuit Funder on behalf of the patient so they have immediate payment and no longer need to hold liens or increase their accounts receivable.

Fast, Easy Process for Patients
Lawsuit Funder’s application process is super-fast and simple. You provide the patient information and we take it from there.