Medical Lien Purchase Program

Medical Lien Purchase Program

Lawsuit Funder’s Lien Purchase program provides doctors and their healthcare practices with immediate cash infusion through the purchase of its outstanding unpaid medical lien receivables. Lawsuit Funder always purchases at the highest prices to provide he most cash flow to the healthcare practices. We are able to pay top dollar by leveraging data points on win/loss rates and reduction requests from thousands and thousands of personal injury cases to precisely underwrite and price the receivables.

Lawsuit Funder’s Medical Lien Purchase program helps healthcare providers in several ways:

Frees Up Time for Your Office Personnel
Lawsuit Funder’s Lien Purchase program frees up time for office personnel to schedule more patients and to focus on processing more insurance claims faster. Your office staff will no longer have track down patients who have switched attorneys, get case updates or deal with demand packages.

Eliminates the risk of non-payment
With Lawsuit Funder, doctors no longer need to accept a Letter of Protection or lien on legal settlement proceeds as payment for their services. And, they no longer deal with reductions or write-offs.

Improves Cash Flow
Lawsuit Funder pays healthcare providers on behalf of the patient so they have immediate payment and no longer need to hold liens or increase their accounts receivable.

Receive Client Referrals
Lawsuit Funder works with thousands of attorneys who often have clients in need of a provider to get the care they need. We craft a joint marketing effort with our attorney base to increase the referrals to your site.