Medical Lien Service Program

Medical Lien Service Program

With Lawsuit Funder’s Medical Lien Servicing, doctors and healthcare providers outsource the servicing and collection of their medical lien receivables to Lawsuit Funder. We then use our proven methodology and professional customer service to maximize the recovery of provider’s personal injury receivables. Lawsuit Funder’s business model is completely transparent – we charge a small percentage of the recovery so the more we recover for the provider the more we share in the returns.

The benefits of Lawsuit Funder’s Medical Lien Servicing program are clear:

Frees Up Time for Your Office Personnel
Lawsuit Funder’s Lien Servicing program frees up time for office personnel to schedule more patients and to focus on processing more insurance claims faster. Your office staff will no longer have track down patients who have switched attorneys, get case updates or deal with requests for information.

Proven Methodology for Lien Servicing
Our best-in-class lien servicing team updates progress of all patients’ legal cases on a quarterly basis to better understand whether the case is in good standing, has already settled or dropped or needs a reduction.

Lowers Risk of Non-Payment
Lawsuit Funder’s program and industry expertise have been proven to lower non-payment rates thereby increasing the returns for the doctors and their practice.

Higher Returns and Higher Cash Flow
In addition to lowering non-payment rates, our program has been shown in improve reduction and write offs, which provides healthcare providers with the best outcome possible – higher overall returns and improved cash flow.