Lawsuit Funder is a pre-settlement funding company providing litigation finance services to plaintiffs and attorneys throughout the United States during the interim period of a case. The form of funding we offer allows our clients to borrow money on a non-recourse basis. Our application process is fast, easy and at no cost. Fill out our application today and hopefully one day you will write us a wonderful testimonal like some of the clients below.  

Ms. F is one of my clients, and I would just like to extend my deepest gratitude for all your help in assisting her in her time of need. Even though she had received a low offer to settle her claim, you examined her case and did not hesitate to assist her in resolving her immediate financial difficulties. It truly meant a lot to me to be able to refer my client to your company and know that she would be treated fairly. My firm ultimately settled the case for significantly more money. It was a pleasure working with you.

J.F., Esq., California  on 9/16/2016

Last year my husband and I were injured in a terrible car accident. This accident left my husband with serious injuries that made it difficult for him to return to work. My injuries were not as bad, so in the process of me healing I was trying to find a job and also take care of my two children. Our bills were starting to pile up and the mortgage company was threatening to foreclose on my home. I had called my attorney and asked him if he can settle mine or my husband's case just to be able to save my home and catch up on the bills. That is when he informed me of Lawsuitfunder.com. Just then I called this company, which was so helpful to me in many ways. I spoke to very helpful, clear speaking people every time I called, unlike all these automated places you call. This company told me that they would try their best to help me within a few days. And "needless to say" I am still living in my home. Thank you so much Lawsuit Funder.

Ms. M.D., New York  on 4/12/2016